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August 2016

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Online moderation

Schools are encouraged to submit materials for moderation online by providing a direct link (URL) to where the materials have been stored, for example, Google Drive, Dropbox, MS SharePoint, etc. For more information view the NZQA online moderation page.

Specifications and procedures in Implement standards

The specifications are an important component of ensuring that students can meet the requirements of procedures, tools and techniques. These should be relevant to the context of the brief. For level 1, the focus should be on basic procedures, at level 2, the focus should be on advanced procedures and work at level 3 should focus on complex procedures.

The procedures, tools and techniques given in the standards at each level are examples only, and are not an exhaustive list. Depending on the context, teachers may determine what other procedures, tools and techniques are appropriate. These should be equivalent to the examples given in the standard and the skill required to apply them. 

When assessing the level 1 Digital Technology Media Standard 91073, please consider the guidelines for rigour provided in the clarification document.

It is good practice to collect supporting evidence of the procedures, tools or techniques, particularly if they are not obvious in the outcome.

Further information about procedures, tools and techniques can be found in the Achievement and learning objectives on TKI.

Evidence requirements for Merit and Excellence in Implement standards

At Merit, assessors should clearly indicate how the student worked independently. Similar verification may also be needed for accuracy where this is not obvious from the evidence provided in the final outcome. Excellence requires a judgement on economy.

Evidence such as teacher verification, annotation, images and/or videos that clearly indicate how the students worked with economy and independence should be available in the moderation submissions.

Further guidance may be found in the implement standards clarification and the teacher support notes in the TKI Assessment Tasks.

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