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February 2016


Registration of Interest – Assessor Support 2016

Assessment & Moderation have developed a new ‘Registration of Interest’ process for assessors to register their interest in requesting a speaker or attending a workshop. This information will then be used to plan the face-to-face regional workshops or to schedule online opportunities, based on teacher preferences.

Assessors are encouraged to register interest now. More information may be found in the Assessment Matters Circular, together with the link to the registration of interest form.

Conditions of Assessment

The Ministry of Education has just released updated versions of the Conditions of Assessment for all areas of technology. Conditions of Assessment are found on the ‘NCEA on TKI Technology’ link found on the NZQA Technology homepage.

There have been some very minor changes in a few subjects – mainly to remove any suggestions that evidence must be collected in a particular way and to emphasise the flexibility that exists for collection and presentation of evidence, including the use of digital tools.

For example, in the Technology Conditions of Assessment there is reference to how evidence may be gathered and generated, “Evidence may be generated from discussion, group work, research, decision making and/or reflection and may be presented in any media that clearly communicates the student’s understanding”.

Teachers are encouraged to support students to gather and present evidence in variety of ways including audio, video, imagery, a group presentation or a written/digital report. The approach used should take into consideration the diverse needs and interests of the learners and foster innovative learning opportunities. When a group approach is used, teachers must closely supervise the generation of the evidence in order to ensure authenticity of student work.

Level 1 Programming and Design and Visual Communications Conditions of Assessment have also been updated from version one to reflect the changes made to the current version of the standards.  

Specifications in the Implement Standards

Some specifications require students to repeat similar basic/advanced or complex procedures a number of times. Repeated tasks should not hinder students from completing the outcome in a timely manner. An outcome which meets specifications, is functional and meets the assessment standard criteria is sufficient to achieve. Where the outcome has a number of components that are the same, a holistic judgement could be used.

For most implement standards, detailed logs are not required. The focus should be on the evidence that supports the requirements of the standard.

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