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May 2016


Integrated Curriculum Delivery and Assessment

The New Zealand Council of Educational Research has recently published a report which details the ‘success stories’ of a number of schools who have created integrated curriculum delivery and assessment models. 

These may provide useful models for considering integration of subjects and assessment in your own school. The report can be accessed here.

Group Work in Technology

Group work is something that many teachers incorporate into the teaching and learning programme in Technology. This is something that reflects real world approaches to problem solving, is part of the future focus in the New Zealand Curriculum, develops a collaborative approach and should be encouraged in our learning area.

Conditions of assessment levels 1-3

The recently revised Conditions of Assessment state that “where a group approach is used the teacher needs to ensure that there is evidence that each student has met all aspects of the standard. Teachers must closely supervise stages of the development process in order to ensure authenticity of student work”.

Further information can be found on the Authenticity page of our website.

How can an assessment task be structured to allow you to assess individual work within the context of a group project?

Some strategies:

  • Structure assessment tasks where individual projects or components exist inside a larger development.
  • Use statements where students declare explicitly which part of the work is their own or where they have collaborated in research, but then this is their interpretation of group material.

In group projects, it is feasible that students could collaborate with each other and stakeholders in some aspects of the planning and research, but be assessed using a standard that focusses on their individual component. The key is in structuring these learning and assessment activities and tasks so that the evidence maintains its integrity as being from a particular individual for that particular assessment focus.

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