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An annotated exemplar is an extract of student evidence, with a commentary, to explain key aspects of the standard. It assists teachers to make assessment judgements at the grade boundaries.

The material in these exemplars cannot be used (either in part or in full) for internal or external assessments submitted for any form of grading.

Level 1

  • AS90956 - Demonstrate knowledge of an individual's nutritional needs (1.1)
  • AS90957 - Demonstrate understanding of societal influences on an individual's food choices and well-being (1.2)
  • AS90958 - Demonstrate understanding of how cultural practices influence eating patterns in New Zealand (1.3)
  • AS90959 - Demonstrate knowledge of practices and strategies to address food handling issues (1.4)

Level 2

  • AS91299 - Analyse issues around the provision of food for people with specific food needs (2.1)
  • AS91301 - Analyse beliefs, attitudes and practices related to a nutritional issue for families in New Zealand (2.3)
  • AS91302 - Evaluate sustainable food related practices (2.4)
  • AS91303 - Analyse practices to enhance well-being used in care provision in the community (2.5)

Level 3

  • AS91466 - Investigate a nutritional issue affecting the well-being of New Zealand society (3.1)
  • AS91467 - Implement an action plan to address a nutritional issue affecting the well-being of New Zealand society (3.2)
  • AS91468 - Analyse a food related ethical dilemma for New Zealand society (3.3)
  • AS91469 - Investigate the influence of multinational food corporations on eating patterns in New Zealand (3.4)
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