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90956: Demonstrate knowledge of an individual’s nutritional needs

Updated June 2014. This document has been updated in its entirety to highlight key issues that have arisen from moderation.

Planning, preparing and serving food and liquid

Explanatory Note 3 provides suggestions for recognised food classification models to use for planning. The following must be considered in the food plan:

  • quantities/amounts/volumes (g, mL, c) that make up each portion of food
  • food and liquid planned throughout the day including snacks
  • choices to suit the specific nutritional needs of the individual such as high energy requirements
  • wholegrain, low fat and lean foods, low sugar and salt choices, no ‘added sugar’ drinks, only one serve of diluted juice, minimal treat foods.

When completing the food plan, the significant meal (involving at least two processes) that is to be prepared must be selected by the student. If recipes are provided by the teacher, some recipes that may not meet the needs of the individual must be included so that students have the opportunity to select appropriate meals/recipes.

The following must be considered for the food preparation and service:

  • preparation and cooking methods ensure nutrient retention
  • there is balance in the proportion of food served, i.e. vegetables - half the plate, staple food - one quarter and protein - one quarter
  • low fat cooking methods and minimal salt are used
  • the portion size is appropriate to the needs of the individual.

Reasons for the food and liquid choices and preparation practices

Reasons for in-depth knowledge for Merit could involve:

  • the functions of nutrients required by the nominated individual
  • links to a food classification model such as Food and Nutrition Guidelines.

Justification for the food and liquid choices and preparation practices

The justification for Excellence needs to include more convincing reasons showing how and why the nutritional needs of the individual have been met. The function of the nutrients must be detailed and clearly linked to the specific nutritional needs of the individual. Positive health-related functions are expected, particularly for the inclusion of smaller quantities of some nutrients such as lipids.

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