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91302: Evaluate sustainable food related practices

Updated February 2014. This document has been updated in its entirety to highlight key issues that have arisen from moderation.

Determining the value

Determining the value of sustainable food related practices must include the social, economic and environmental implications of those practices for an evaluation.

The following implications could be considered as part of the evaluation:

  • social - loss of skill, loss of traditions and heritage, less social interaction, convenience, health benefits, quality, efficiency, versatility
  • economic - cost of product/practice, money rich but time poor, electricity costs, manufacturing costs, effect on local/national/global economy, employment
  • environmental - trends, quality of manufacture, environmental impacts, and ethical issues related to growing and/or manufacture.

Explanatory Note 1 makes links to the Health & Physical Education learning area and its underlying concepts. The evaluation of the sustainable food related practices must include the implications for the well-being of the individual, their families and the wider community (underlying concept of hauora).

Supporting evidence

Supporting evidence is needed for an in-depth evaluation for Merit. Sources could include talking with guest speakers, visits to farmers markets and from student’s experience of practical activities e.g. sensory and/or cost comparisons, debates in class, comparisons between local and processed food (from a distance), and practices used in their own homes.

Justified conclusion

The significance of the social, economic and/or environmental implications must be determined when drawing a justified conclusion for Excellence. Students need to weigh up the evidence to determine how sustainable the food related practices are.

The following challenges and opportunities could be considered:

  • balancing family and social needs
  • economic concerns
  • maintaining or improving food skills
  • maintaining or improving the nutritional value
  • the impact on the wider environment.
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