Numeracy activities

These activities are examples of the type of activities or problems that would be found embedded within numeracy- or applied maths-type courses of learning.  They must be part of a broader course of learning, and meaningfully support the achievement of the learning outcomes of that course, in order for any evidence they generate to be considered naturally occurring – and therefore valid for the Numeracy unit standards.

The tutor/teacher can adapt and/or extend the activities to suit the needs and interests of the learners, and to best fit within the course of learning.

Measurement problems
Bathroom shelving (PDF, 12KB) How's the temp? (PDF, 76KB)
Luggage allowance (PDF, 130KB) Preserving fruit (PDF, 58KB)
Trailer load (PDF, 22KB)  
Number problems
Decking or paving? (PDF, 21KB) Electrical warehouse order form (PDF, 49KB)
Pay me right (PDF, 18KB) Rugby fundraiser (PDF, 20KB)
Sucker deal or good deal? (PDF, 13KB)  
Interpreting statistics activities
Course absences (PDF, 36KB) How long to study for? (PDF, 18KB)
Netball shooting stats (PDF, 23KB) Queensland holiday (PDF, 74KB)
Shoe sizes (PDF, 179KB) Tasman Tyres ad campaign (PDF, 29KB)
Which olive tree variety? (PDF, 55KB)  
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