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February 2017

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Moderator Newsletters

Moderator Newsletters will now be published in Term One and Term Three of the school year. Any urgent information related to assessment and moderation will continue to be conveyed by Circulars and through the Principal’s Nominee Emails.

Digital Assessment tool

NZQA is running a pilot between 23 March – 13 April 2017 to explore the effectiveness of gathering evidence for standard 26624 Read texts with understanding via an online assessment tool.

The tool provides robust evidence for assessors to use in making a decision about a learner’s abilities in relation to the standard.

The items in the tool have been psychometrically tested and benchmarked prior to including them in the 2017 pilot assessment to ensure they are at the level of the Learning Progressions for Adult Literacy and Numeracy required to achieve the unit standard.

The NZQA online tool should be used in conjunction with the Learning Progressions Framework and/or Youth items from the Tertiary Education Commission’s Adult Literacy and Numeracy tool. While the NZQA tool provides some formative information (in relation to the standard) it is not a diagnostic.

While the methods of gathering evidence (naturally occurring evidence and digital) are different, the intent is still the same; to show that learners have met the requirements of the standard.

Information on the pilot can be found at Literacy and Numeracy unit standards – online assessment.

Any queries about the online assessment can be emailed to

Unit standards review

The Literacy unit standards have been reviewed and consultation on the draft new versions is happening between 9 February and 6 March 2017 via the NZQA website.

Changes include provision for online assessment. These changes relate specifically to the tool being developed by NZQA in conjunction with the New Zealand Council of Educational Research, and are not intended to apply more widely.

Information on the unit standards review can be found at Consultation: Literacy and Numeracy unit standards

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