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February 2017

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Māori Performing Arts – Verification

In the past, NZQA has attended several regional secondary school kapa haka competitions/events to verify student performance against 11 Māori Performance standards.  If your region would like NZQA to attend a competition/event to verify student performance this year, an email request from the hosting committee should be sent to Dinah Paenga (Māori Qualifications Services) at dinah.paenga@nzqa.govt.nz at least one month prior to the event.

Verification – Post Event

Following the event, schools will receive a letter and verification form confirming the verifiers’ judgements. The form can be used as evidence for the performance outcomes of the standards where the verifier has provided a grade (ie, no visual evidence is required). However, students are also required to complete the theory/rangahau outcome to achieve the standard.

To achieve the Level 3 standard (22756), evidence of theory/rangahau is not required.

Where schools are given Excellence for the Level 2 and Level 3 standards but do not have consent to assess the Level 4 standards, the grades indicate students are capable of meeting the performance outcome at Achieved (or higher) for the level 4 standards. Schools must have consent to assess the Level 4 standards to award grades and credits. For further information regarding consent to assess, speak to the Principal’s Nominee (or the School Relationship Manager).

Where a school is required to submit material for moderation and has received a verification form:

  • Level 2 standards – moderation cover sheet with assessor judgements, verification form, evidence of Outcome 1 (theory/research)
  • Level 3 standard – moderation cover sheet with assessor judgements, verification form
  • Level 4 standards - moderation cover sheet with assessor judgements, verification form, evidence of Outcome 1 (theory/research).

Schools are reminded that credits for these standards can contribute towards the NCEA, Te Waharoa and other qualifications.


Standards and Assessment Resourcess

Māori Qualifications Services (MQS) often review, expire, and develop new standards. They also review and develop assessment support materials and there may be times during the development process when the resources do not match the current version of the standard. Assessors are encouraged to check the status of the standards and resources; the resources may require modification.

If you have any feedback regarding a Field Māori unit standard including any suggested changes, please email MQS at mqs@nzqa.govt.nz.

Moderator Newsletters

Moderator Newsletters will now be published in Term One and Term Three of the school year. Any urgent information related to assessment and moderation will continue to be conveyed by Circulars and through the Principal’s Nominee Emails.

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