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AS91266 Evaluate a statistically based report

Updated December 2014. This document has been updated to address issues that have arisen from moderation.

Statistically based report

Students need to be provided with the statistically based report and, if at all possible, also have access to the actual survey results.

It is important that the statistically based report contains significant statistical features to enable students to discuss both the features of the survey and the findings of the survey in their evaluation. The focus of the standard is the evaluation of the statistically based report, not the student making their own conclusions from the report.

Students can be provided with a list of focus questions to provide a framework for evaluating the report.

Evaluation of the report


For Achieved, students are expected to identify and comment on features and findings of a survey relevant to the report's purpose so they need to know/understand what the purpose is in order to do this. It would be usual to expect the purpose to be identified.

Features and findings

Students need to identify and comment on features of the report. They also need to identify and comment on findings of the report.

Required quality of student response

For higher grades a step up in the quality of the evaluation is required.

Merit is with justification. The step-up in the quality of the evaluation is reference to statistical evidence and the processes used. For example, processes used could be the survey method or choice of analysis for the survey data.

Excellence is with statistical insight. The step up in the quality is the integration of statistical and contextual information. The student needs to be thinking about the consequences of aspects of the report on the findings and how possible issues might be addressed.

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