Moderator's Newsletter

February 2018

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Digital submission of evidence

With the launch of the Digital Moderation Application last year, the submission of student evidence for external moderation in digital form has increased substantially. It has risen from 5% the previous year, to 30% at present, and continues to increase as the relative ease of the process becomes apparent.

For information on how to submit student evidence in digital form, the Moderation Online page on the NZQA website provides the required steps and links to Quick Reference Guides for schools.

Assessing more than one standard with one assessment activity

When assessing more than one standard with one assessment activity it is important that the requirements for each standard are met. Information about the Mathematics and Statistics standards can be accessed from the NZQA Mathematics and Statistics subject page.

Commercial tasks 

Commercially produced assessment tasks (as with all tasks) need to be reviewed prior to use, to ensure they provide sufficient opportunity for students to meet the requirements of the standard for all levels of achievement.

Updated Clarification documents and Annotated Exemplars for internally assessed Achievement Standards

The clarifications for the standards 91035, 91265 and 91269 have been updated. The exemplars for the standards 91035, 91257, 91265, 91581, 91582 and 91587 have also been updated. These can be found on the NZQA Mathematics and Statistics subject page.

Statistics Best Practice Workshop

Registrations are open for the online Statistics Making Assessor Judgements Best Practice Workshop scheduled to begin on the 7th of May! Registrations close on the 9th of April. Please click here to register.

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