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91522: Demonstrate understanding of the application of physics to a selected context

Updated December 2016. This document has been updated in its entirety to address new issues that have arisen from moderation.

The context may be chosen by the teacher or the student, provided it involves sufficient physics concepts appropriate to Level 8 of the New Zealand Curriculum. The grade awarded will depend on the extent of the understanding shown of the physics, not on the clarity and comprehensiveness of the description of the context.


Students may be provided with resource material. This material would normally assume that the student has the necessary knowledge to be able to understand the physics described. It may be appropriate for students to source and use additional material. Calculations, examples, diagrams or explanations based on a student’s own measurements and observations may contribute towards evidence of understanding at any level of the standard.

Information from other sources

Referencing of sources is good practice and helps to ensure authenticity, but is not a basis for assessment judgements. Where information has been used from other sources, there should be clear evidence that this information has been processed and understood. Copying or closely paraphrasing material does not contribute towards evidence of understanding.

Interpretation of evidence for Achieved

Students should be identifying and describing the relevant physics concepts and terms.

Interpretation of evidence for Merit

Students should be identifying, describing and explaining how and why the physics concepts and terms are relevant to the context.

Interpretation of evidence for Excellence

Students should be identifying, describing, explaining and analysing how and why the physics concepts and terms are relevant to the context. This may involve elaborating, justifying, relating, and evaluating to integrate the relevant physics. A thorough coverage of appropriate concepts, a clearly demonstrated understanding of those concepts, and the link between the concepts and the context is required.


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