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91525: Demonstrate understanding of Modern Physics

Updated December 2016. This document has been updated in its entirety to address new issues that have arisen from moderation.

The intention of this standard is for students to demonstrate that they have understood the principles related to modern physics by giving explanations appropriate to Level 8 of the New Zealand Curriculum.


Assessment should provide sufficient opportunity to demonstrate an understanding of connections between modern physics concepts. Assessors must ensure the students have provided sufficient evidence to make a confident judgement that, on balance, the evidence is consistent with the grade.


Where information has been used from other sources, there should be clear evidence that this information has been processed and understood. While paraphrasing and summarising are useful skills, they do not provide sufficient evidence of understanding. Referencing of sources should be encouraged as part of good practice and to ensure authenticity, but may not be a basis for assessment judgements.

Interpretation of evidence for Achieved

Students should be describing relevant modern physics concepts and terms.

Interpretation of evidence for Merit

Students should be describing and explaining relevant modern physics concepts and terms.

Interpretation of evidence for Excellence

Students should be describing, comprehensively explaining and connecting relevant modern physics concepts and terms. A thorough coverage of appropriate concepts and a clear understanding of the concepts and the links between them is required.



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