Psychology Assessment Support Material

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These resources have been developed to:

  • assist teachers develop resources that promote quality assessment of Psychology unit standards
  • assist teachers interpret the standards and show how merit and excellence grades in these unit standards can be meaningfully assessed
  • demonstrate possible assignment tasks and teaching contexts for each standard.

These resources are intended as a guide only and it is expected that assessors will adapt these and develop assessments that are relevant to the context in which their assessment occurs. These resources are not teaching plans.

Level 3
Unit standard 27693 (methodologies) Assessment resource (DOC, 97KB)
Unit standard 27694 (approaches) Assessment resource (DOC, 108KB)
Unit standard 27695 (fields) Assessment resource (DOC, 171KB)
Unit standard 27696 (research) Assessment resource (DOC, 90KB)
Unit standard 27697 (ethics) Assessment resource (DOC, 103KB)

Other resources

New Zealand Curriculum Guide - Psychology


Please send your feedback about these resources to NZQA National Qualifications Services.

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