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An annotated exemplar is an extract of student evidence, with a commentary, to explain key aspects of the standard. It assists teachers to make assessment judgements at the grade boundaries.

Level 1

Exemplars of student work or expected student responses have been developed for the standards listed below that have been identified by the Ministry of Education as new or significantly changed:

  • AS90941 - Investigate the implication of electricity and magnetism in everyday life (1.2)
  • AS90942 - Investigate implications of wave behaviour for everyday life (1.3)
  • AS90943 - Investigate the implication of heat in everyday life (1.4)
  • AS90945 - Investigate the implications of the use of carbon compounds as fuels (1.6)
  • AS90946 - Investigate the implications of the properties of metals to their use in society (1.7)
  • AS90947 - Investigate selected chemical reactions (1.8)
  • AS90949 - Investigate life processes and environmental factors fhat affect them (1.10)
  • AS90950 - Investigate interactions between humans and micro-organisms (1.11)
  • AS90951 - Investigate the biological impact of an event on a New Zealand ecosystem (1.12)
  • AS90952 - Demonstrate understanding of formation of surface features in New Zealand (1.13)
  • AS90953 - Demonstrate understanding of carbon cycling (1.14)
  • AS90954 - Demonstrate understanding of the effect on planet Earth of astronomical cycles (1.15)
  • AS90955 - Investigate an astronomical or earth science event (1.16)
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