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91086: Kōrero kia whakamahi i te reo o tōna ao

Updated December 2017. The recording student evidence sections have been updated to address new issues that have arisen from moderation.

Evidence requirements

A minimum of two tasks is required for the standard. Three minutes is the suggested guideline across both tasks to ensure that sufficient evidence is generated. 

When assessing this standard, the teacher needs to ensure that the student is working consciously and reasonably consistently at the level rather than accidentally and occasionally. The two pieces are not assessed separately but rather as one whole body of work.

If one piece of evidence is throwing doubt on the grade as it is weaker than the other piece, (e.g. one piece meets the criteria for Excellence, while the other only meets the Achieved criteria) it may be that the student should re-work the Achieved evidence or submit a further piece of speaking evidence to ensure consistency.

Tōna ao mōhio

Familiar contexts refer to topics that are well known and relevant to the experience of students. For example, family, shopping, school, local area, events and activities using language related to past, present and future experiences.


Planning, while not assessed, is important preparation for presentation tasks.

It allows students to develop ideas with relevant detailed explanations, and examples. The evidence should be structured in a coherent way, with a view to capturing the attention of the audience.

Recording student evidence

Assessed speaking evidence should be filmed in a single take. When using a laptop or iPad camera to film a speaking performance or interaction, the transcript cannot be displayed on the screen for the student to read as this affects the authenticity of the speaking evidence.

File formats for moderation

Speaking evidence for Te Reo Māori should not exceed 100 MB in size. The following file formats are required for inclusion in the moderation submission: MP4, AVI or MOV files. Further information about the digital submission of files is available in the external moderation application FAQs (PDF, 3.9MB).

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