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91051: Demonstrate understanding of how different disciplines influence a technological development

Updated February 2014. This document has been updated in its entirety to address new issues that have arisen from moderation.


This standard is derived from the ‘characteristics of technology’ component within the ‘nature of technology’ strand of the Technology learning area.

Choosing a technological development

This standard requires students to identify the knowledge and practices drawn from different disciplines associated with a technological development. While students could focus on an outcome that they have developed themselves, it would generally be necessary for the understandings required for this standard to come from beyond their own practice.

Students also need to recognise how individuals from these disciplines worked together (collaborated) to influence a technological development and the impact of the knowledge, practices and collaboration on the technological development.

To access this standard, students must focus on a technological development which draws on two or more disciplines and where individuals are collaborating. Examples of technological developments are given in Explanatory Note 3 and there are examples of disciplines in Explanatory Note 4.

The step-up to the higher grade levels of the standard is based around the depth of explanation and discussion of the interaction between the knowledge, practices and collaboration involved in the technological development, and how these factors impacted on the technological development.

The New Carter Observatory case study (accessible from Technology Online) could be used to access this standard. It clearly shows the interdisciplinary nature of technology and the implications of this for maximising possibilities through collaborative practice.

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