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91055: Demonstrate understanding of basic concepts used in manufacturing

Updated February 2014. This document has been updated in its entirety to address new issues that have arisen from moderation.


This standard is derived from the ‘manufacturing specialist knowledge and skills’ strand of the technology matrix.

Choosing a manufacturing system

When choosing a manufacturing system, consideration should be given to the possibilities listed in Explanatory Note 3. For students to be able to explain why particular types of manufacturing systems are used in different contexts, the assessor should be ensuring that the chosen contexts provide sufficient opportunity for the exploration of a range of manufacturing systems.

Manufacturing techniques

Explanatory Note 4 lists some possible categories of manufacturing techniques. Those students who discuss why particular techniques were used might compare and contrast with other possibilities.

Communicating the manufacturing process

The chosen manufacturing process must be communicated through a process flow diagram. Note that the emphasis here should be on visually showing an understanding of the flow of processes, rather than on assembling a flow chart with the correct symbols.

Yield and quality control

An analysis of a range of manufacturing processes will better enable students to describe how yield is determined and the influences on this. Yield prediction means determining the number of products that are possible from the resources available, taking into account the expected wastage resulting from faulty products.

Such an analysis of a range of manufacturing processes will also better enable students to identify and explore how quality of outcomes are controlled and the influences on this.

The influences on yield and quality control must be in terms of social and environmental change. This might include students discussing the impact of people’s changing expectations about quality, price and life expectancy of the product (social changes) and new legislation intended to protect the environmental impact on the usage and disposal of resources in production (environmental changes).

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