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91060: Demonstrate understanding of basic concepts used to make products from textile materials

Updated February 2014. This document has been updated in its entirety to address new issues that have arisen from moderation.

Focus products

Students should be exploring a range of products made from textile materials in order to discuss the materials used, their characteristics (for example, strength, thickness, stretch and drape) and the techniques that would be appropriate to work them safely.

As part of this discussion, the four categories of construction techniques as documented in Explanatory Note 3 should be considered. Some students have successfully enabled their discussions through the analysis of faulty and well-made textiles products.


Students need to understand how and why textile materials and techniques are combined differently for particular situations. For Excellence the discussion could include, for example, comparing outfits for daywear and swimwear and the possible textile used (for example, denim and lycra), and explaining why each would require different techniques to be used. Analysing existing products that have been designed for different situations would assist in this discussion.

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