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91082: Implement basic procedures to process a specified product

Updated February 2014. This document has been updated in its entirety to address new issues that have arisen from moderation.


The given brief/task should either give the specifications for the product or allow students to develop their own specifications. Student-developed specifications should be confirmed by the assessor as suitable for allowing the standard to be met. The TKI assessment resource for this standard includes a set of specifications that could be used as a benchmark.

Processing operations

For this standard, processing operations must come from each of the four categories outlined in Explanatory Note 8. These processing operations must be applied in a way which complies with relevant health and safety practices.


The tests listed in Explanatory Note 9 are examples only. Students should undertake a range of tests that are appropriate to ensure the product they are developing meets specifications.

Justifying skilfulness and efficiency

To justify that students have undertaken processing operations and tests as required for Merit (independence and accuracy) and Excellence (economising time, effort and materials), assessors could do such things as highlight evidence statements and add annotations on an assessment schedule. 

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