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91344: Implement advanced procedures using resistant materials to make a specified product with special features

Updated March 2016. This document has been updated in its entirety to address new issues that have arisen from moderation.


The specifications (including material specifications) for the product being made must be made clear. These need to be agreed upon prior to the product being made, and may be teacher-given or developed in negotiation with the student.

Special features

The product must include one or more special features from each of two categories (structural and aesthetic). Explanatory Note (EN) 6 lists possible examples. Where students implement a range of special features in the categories specified (EN6), students should be informed about the procedures that they need to implement independently and accurately for a Merit grade. Alternatively, a holistic judgement could be made.

Students must demonstrate that they have purposefully selected the techniques to be used to construct these special features. Note: providing instructions that outline the techniques to be followed does not allow this selection to occur.


Testing should be such that it is used to monitor (trial and inform) the construction of the special features and also demonstrate that the product meets specifications. For example, a student might (among other testing procedures) measure and fit to ensure the successful construction of lapped dovetail joints in drawers. Another student could undertake testing of different welding and jointing processes in the production of a go kart frame that includes ensuring that the dimensions and performance (as defined in their specifications) are met.

Collection of evidence

The emphasis in this standard requires students to show evidence of how they have created the specified outcome, and assessors should not expect a detailed written log.  

Evidence must validate that students have complied with relevant health and safety regulations as they apply techniques and procedures.

Evidence of more than one test undertaken to monitor special feature construction should be included in the student portfolio for moderation.

Annotated images or a brief video may be sufficient for moderation as long as the requirements of the standard are demonstrated. Evidence of the completed final outcome should be included for moderation, but the physical objects are not required.

Student work could also be supported by a comment from the assessor, indicating the skills, special features used and the reason for judging the work to be independent and accurate for Merit, or working with economy for Excellence.


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