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91346: Demonstrate understanding of advanced concepts used to make textile products

Updated May 2015. This document has been updated in its entirety to address new issues that have arisen from moderation.

Evidence of understanding

Students will be assessed on their understanding of the attributes of special features, why particular techniques are used to construct them, the requirements of a quality finish, and how different types of textile materials influence the choice of techniques used.

Evidence of understanding could come from a variety of sources and activities. It may come from part of targeted teaching and learning, or be collected throughout the year as part of a whole programme.

Whatever the approach, students could deconstruct outfits to assist them in demonstrating the required understandings. This should be accompanied by an explanation of the construction techniques used and how they make the most of, or manage, the different types of textile materials.

For example, for Achievement, the student could explain the attributes of the special features (for example, inset pockets and fly fronts), the reasons they are constructed in a particular way, and the requirements for a quality finish.

For Merit, they should explain how the different types of materials used influence the construction of these features.

To be at Excellence, the student would need to discuss why particular materials and construction techniques are used to create high-quality special features in textile products. The discussion needs to cover at least two special features – some possible examples are given in Explanatory Note 4.

Knowledge of vocabulary

To show understanding of the attributes of special features, students should be using the associated specialist vocabulary. For example, for a fly front special feature, this might include fly extension, placket, underlap, basting stitch length, clip through the seams, regular stitch length, zip tape, bar tack, trimming and layering of seams.

Knowledge of textile equipment

To demonstrate the understandings required for this standard, students also require knowledge of textile equipment used to make/construct these special features. This might include marking and cutting-out tools, machine attachments and/or special needles.

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