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91350: Make advanced adaptations to a pattern to change structural and style features of a design

Updated May 2015. This document has been updated in its entirety to address new issues that have arisen from moderation.

Advanced adaptations

The selected pattern must allow for adaptations to be made so the design is correctly interpreted. The pattern adaptations must be advanced, rather than basic (as required at level 1). For example, lengthening a pattern is a basic adaptation. Explanatory Note 7 gives examples of possible advanced adaptations. These adaptations should be changes to pattern pieces (rather than, for example, adding pockets).


Rather than something that just happens at the end, testing should be such that it allows the pattern to be refined so that it interprets the design and provides the best fit. Explanatory Note 10 gives examples of the testing that might occur. 


Evidence should be such that it is clear that the requirements as outlined in Explanatory Note 2 have been met. For example, details as to the measurements, the testing, and the refinements that students carried out should be apparent. Annotated photos and commercial patterns are effective ways of gathering this evidence.

For a student at Merit, the assessor could note further observations on an individual assessment schedule. For example, that the student ensured understanding by checking measurements and pattern adaptations with the teacher, made notes, and constructed part of the garment before beginning the assessment (indicators of independence and accuracy).

For a student at Excellence, annotations could show how it was determined the student made advanced adaptations and undertook testing in a way that economised time, effort and materials. This could include carrying out adaptations in a straightforward way (rather than trial and error), practicing unfamiliar techniques on scrap materials and ensuring minimal re-doing and re-fitting.

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