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91352: Demonstrate understanding of advanced concepts used in processing

Updated May 2015. This document has been updated in its entirety to address new issues that have arisen from moderation.

Exploring advanced processing operations

Students should be exploring a range of advanced processing operations (one or more from each of the five categories outlined in Explanatory Note 4) and testing techniques (see Explanatory Note 7 for examples). Industry visits generally play a vital part in gaining this understanding. If such visits are not feasible, videos and websites could be used.

Those students who have practiced processing and testing in the classroom are generally better able to show their understanding and make the necessary comparisons with industry. Comparative photos with annotations (i.e. of what happens in the classroom and what happens in industry) can be effective in showing the required understanding.


The standard requires the explanation around sequencing to be visual. This might include students using a selection of symbols, diagrams and photographs with annotations. Students who can successfully do this have more than likely analysed existing visual sequences (for example, flow diagrams and their symbols, how they are sequenced, where testing occurs and how results of testing impact on the process) and practiced drawing them.

Safety procedures

Students should also be comparing and contrasting appropriate safety procedures when processing in domestic/classroom and industrial situations. This generally requires reference being made to health and safety regulations used in industry (for example, food safety plans, Food Hygiene Regulations 1974, HACCP and OSH regulations).

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