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91353: Demonstrate understanding of advanced concepts used in preservation and packaging for product storage

Updated May 2015. This document has been updated in its entirety to address new issues that have arisen from moderation.

A national environment

Explanatory Note 7 states what is meant by a national environment, and an example is given.


The range of products that students investigate must be sufficient to give opportunity to explore different types of preservation and packaging techniques (see Explanatory Notes 3 and 4 for examples) within a national environment, and how these techniques and conditions limit different decay processes. This could include food, beverages, fresh horticultural products, biologically active products, composts, household chemicals, and/or toiletries and cosmetics.

Comparing and contrasting preservation and packaging techniques

To address this aspect of the standard, students will identify the conditions in which common micro-organisms grow, and explain ways of controlling the storage and distribution environment to limit decay within a range of products.


Understanding can be demonstrated with the aid of annotated photos, diagrams, tables, and written discussion.

To access higher grades, a qualitative step up in understandings is required. Descriptions enable a student to achieve this standard. To attain Merit explanations are required, and a student at Excellence will be discussing in order to show their comprehensive understanding.

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