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91609: Undertake project management to support technological practice

Updated February 2017. This document has been updated in its entirety to address new issues that have arisen from moderation.

The step up from NCEA level 2

Students are required to establish and implement a coherent project schedule that allows for the coordination and management of regular review of goals, planning tools, all resources (time, money, stakeholder/s, materials, components, software, equipment, tools, and/or hardware) and review points.

An explanatory paper that clarifies and defines the nature of effective planning can be found on Technology Online.

Project management

At this level, students are required to develop project schedules that coordinate the project scope, time, resources, stakeholder/s and budget in a coherent manner within the physical and social environment where the outcome is to be developed.

Refer to the clarification for 91355 with regard to the depth of evidence required for project management regarding project scope, predictions, and risks.

Project schedules

Students are required to explore a range of project management practices to investigate how project scheduling is used to manage technological practice.

A project schedule could be created using a tool such as an online Gantt Chart, listing project tasks (activities, milestones, deliverables), assigning jobs to individuals, allocating time and budget, knowing who, what and when resources are available, and deciding how to commit those resources to a range of tasks. This includes coordinating multiple tasks and schedules that run parallel to each other during development of the outcome.  

Students could develop a work breakdown structure as an initial step towards scheduling a project. For example, developing a tree diagram that lists all the key stages, breaking the key stage into a set of activities, allocating time, budget, resources, and individuals to each activity. Students may link activities to optimise use of time, resources, and budget.

Implementing project schedules

Evidence of initial planning and ongoing alterations to the schedule is required. Merit requires students to produce evidence of project progress at critical review points, planning decisions made at review points, and necessary adjustments made to the schedule. Excellence requires students to undertake ongoing reflection of their practice to ensure efficient (optimise time and resources) development of the outcome.

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