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91616: Demonstrate understanding of how the fitness for purpose of technological outcomes may be broadly interpreted

Updated November 2015. This document has been updated in its entirety to address new issues that have arisen from moderation.

Fitness for Purpose

An understanding of the notion of fitness for purpose in its broadest sense is integral to achieving this standard. This refers to the fitness of purpose of the outcome itself as well as the practices used to develop the outcome (see Explanatory Note 3).

Examining fitness for purpose in the broadest sense typically involves consideration of:

  • the technical and social acceptability of the outcome
  • the sustainability of the resources used
  • the ethical nature of the testing and manufacturing practices used
  • cultural appropriateness in design and development practices
  • determination of the life-cycle, maintenance, and ultimate disposal of the product
  • health and safety.

All discussions, explanations, justifications and judgements need to be supported with specific evidence.

Number of outcomes

The student could explore and compare the fitness of purpose of an outcome and the practices used to develop the outcome in more than one geographical setting.

Alternatively, 2 outcomes could be compared and contrasted to explain, form a discussion or to justify fitness of purpose. It is useful if the two outcomes are related in some way.

For Excellence, fitness for purpose in the broadest sense needs to be justified in relation to an era of development, and the geographical and social location.

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