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90913: Demonstrate understanding of art works from a Māori and another cultural context using art terminology

Updated December 2016. This document has been updated in its entirety to address new issues that have arisen from moderation.

Selection of artists

Artists and art works should be selected from within the cultural context of New Zealand art and society. International artists may be studied in addition to New Zealand artists for comparative purposes.

The investigation of two artists from a Māori cultural context, and two artists from another cultural context within Aotearoa/New Zealand, is recommended.

Biographical information should be brief and directly related to the specific methods and/or ideas of particular art works.

In-depth and comprehensive understanding

In-depth responses provide explanations of how particular methods have created specific ideas or communicated an intended message.

Comprehensive responses provide personal insights with supporting arguments that link relationships between methods, ideas and wider cultural and artistic contexts. Comprehensive responses use research sources to support their arguments.

Comparative discussions

Students are likely to achieve at the higher levels if a comparative analysis of the two cultural approaches is undertaken. This can help demonstrate greater understanding of the unique characteristics of each approach.

Appropriate evidence

Appropriate evidence will:

  • refer to particular technical methods and pictorial features
  • refer to particular thematic and/or conceptual ideas
  • relate the art works to wider personal, artistic or cultural contexts
  • be language based (written or verbal) 
  • use appropriate visual art terminology (composition, perspective, media, still life)
  • be in the students own words (authenticity).

Drawing evidence is not a requirement of this research standard.

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