Level 3 and Scholarship portfolio submission instructions

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All NCEA Level 3 and NZ Scholarship Visual Arts portfolios are submitted for team marking at a central venue. 

Key Dates

1 September 2019

Final entries data sent to NZQA.

15-17 October 

Schools receive Level 3 and NZ Scholarship Visual Art materials.

Phone the Visual Arts Business Liaison Officer on 04 463 3220, if materials have not arrived or if there are insufficient or missing materials.

7 November

Level 3 and NZ Scholarship submission/collection.

Online applications for Level 3 derived grades to be made by 5.00 pm.

Before end of December

Portfolios and workbooks returned to candidates.

January 2020

Candidates receive results.

End of June 2020

All unclaimed portfolios and workbooks returned to NZQA destroyed.

Provider Attendance Rolls

In 2019, all schools will be required to complete and submit Provider Attendance Roll(s), for candidates who are entered for any external Level 3 or NZ Scholarship standards.

To complete the Provider Attendance Roll(s), schools will need to:

  • write ‘3P’ for a Three-panel portfolio or ‘MI’ for Moving Image and tick the entry, for candidates that have entered and submitted a portfolio
  • write an ‘X’ in the Rec’d From Candidate Tick column, for candidates that have entered and not submitted a portfolio
  • write the candidate’s name, NSN and standard number at the bottom of the Provider Attendance Roll for any late entries.

Example of the Provider Attendance Roll

Example Attendance Roll

The Provider Attendance Roll(s) can be scanned and sent to examinations@nzqa.govt.nz, with the subject line ‘PAR Visual Arts’, or submitted in hard copy with one of the packages containing the portfolios.

Portfolio format requirements

Level 3 and NZ Scholarship Visual Arts portfolios may be submitted either as a three-panel portfolio board or as a moving image portfolio. For NZ Scholarship, a physical workbook is also required.

The body of work for the moving image portfolio should represent a similar amount of work as for the three-panel portfolio. The moving image submission should not be merely a digital representation of the three-panel portfolio board.

More information on specific format requirements is in the Assessment Specifications for Level 3 and NZ Scholarship.

Authentication of candidate work

Candidates are required to sign the Authenticity Declaration (DOC, 62KB) to stipulate that the work is their own. Schools are required to report to NZQA if they have concerns that any portfolio entered is not the candidate’s own. If a school cannot authenticate a candidate’s work, they should follow the process below for possible authenticity breaches. 

Completed and signed Authenticity Declarations are to be attached (sticky tape or glue) to the left panel on the outside of each candidate’s portfolio, prior to submission to NZQA.

Processing possible authenticity breaches

If, when following the school's authentication process, a teacher has formed an opinion that candidate work is not authentic, and the candidate continues with the submission, the teacher and the Principal's Nominee must:

NZQA will initiate an investigation once the school's report is received.

Derived grade process


A derived grade may be applied for by a candidate who, after 1 October, has suffered a temporary impairment including a physical injury or an emotional trauma, which has impaired the candidate’s preparation for submission. 

The absence or impairment for the candidate must comply with NZQA’s derived grade guidelines.

A candidate seeking a derived grade applies to NZQA through the school by completing the relevant sections of the derived grade application form.

The school submits a derived grade based on an assessment of the candidate’s work to date and where the work would have reasonably been expected to be, had the work been completed.

Candidates must submit the evidence produced throughout the year. This evidence must be sent to NZQA with the school's other submission material.

NZ Scholarship Visual Arts

There is no derived grade process for NZ Scholarship.

Materials for late entries

NZQA will only provide materials for entries made by 1 September 2019. If you have missed this deadline and need to make late entries, send your entry data file to NZQA, and follow the instructions below to produce temporary labels for each candidate's portfolio:

The temporary labels must include:

For outside of portfolio board:

  • National Student Number (NSN)
  • candidate name and return address for portfolio
  • field name, eg, Photography
  • standard number
  • large 'S' to denote NZ Scholarship, if relevant.

For inside of portfolio:

  • field name, eg, Photography
  • standard number.

For front cover of NZ Scholarship workbook:

  • field name and standard number
  • National Student Number (NSN)
  • large ‘S’ to denote NZ Scholarship.

Temporary labels for moving image submissions are not required.

Do not attempt to create bar codes on any temporary labels. NZQA will generate new barcoded labels at the marking venue.

Submissions dispatched after 7 November 2019

Any submission dispatched after 7 November 2019 must be explained by letter from the school's Principal or Principal's Nominee.

The letter must verify that the late submission was the result of an act of omission on the part of the school and that candidates have not worked on the submission after 7 November 2019.

Letters are to be sent as a pdf. to the subject National Assessment Facilitator.

Return of marked portfolios to candidates

Level 3 and NZ Scholarship portfolios will be returned following marking, to the candidate’s New Zealand address that was provided to NZQA in September 2019.  All correctly addressed portfolios should have been returned by Christmas. If they have not, please contact Cecilia Titulaer (Visual Arts Business Liaison Officer) on 04 463 3220. Portfolios are dispatched progressively by field, once marked.

Moving image submissions for Level 3 and NZ Scholarship will not be returned.

Portfolios and workbooks returned to NZQA because of an incorrect address and unclaimed, will be destroyed at the end of June 2020. Please ensure that the personalised candidate label provided contains the correct return address. If not, cover the incorrect address with a sticky label and clearly write on the correct address.

Submitting moving image portfolios

Candidates submitting a moving image portfolio will still receive personalised/barcoded labels. These are not required for either moving image submissions or DVDs. 

Moving image portfolios may be submitted to NZQA either on a physical DVD, or electronically via an online submission. 

If you wish to submit either using Google Drive or DVD, you will need to:

  1. Notify your Principal’s Nominee
  2. Email examinations@nzqa.govt.nz of your intention to submit moving image portfolios by 16 August 2019.

The Visual Arts Business Liaison Officer will then contact you with detailed submission instructions.

Google Drive submission

  • You can choose to make some moving image submissions (part of the class) using Google Drive for a standard while submitted the remainder on DVD(s).
  • Each school has one account. The access to the school account is managed by the school.
  • Files for submission must be in a recognised format that is playable on a different device and over multiple platforms. Uploading of files must be completed by the school on the specified due dates. Candidates may not upload their own files.
  • Each file must contain only one submission.
  • The file name must be structured by the following convention:
    • four-digit school code and zero padded (eg 0012)
    • standard number
    • national student number (9 digits only, no 0 in front)
      (eg, 0020-90916-111222333).
  • The Level 3 submission must be completed by 5.00 pm Thursday 7 November 2019.

You can choose not to submit using Google Drive. The current submission process involving DVDs being couriered will continue.
The Assessment Specifications for 2019 govern this submission process with the details added above. 

DVD packaging and labelling

Each moving image portfolio must be written to a separate DVD. The following details must be written in permanent marker on each DVD:

  • the candidate's National Student Number (NSN)
  • the school’s code (MOE number)
  • the standard number.++++++

This information should also be written clearly and correctly on the outside of each DVD case.

Package each DVD in a separate case, bubble wrapped for extra protection, to ensure it arrives at NZQA undamaged. The Authenticity Declaration should be included electronically with the submission. Alternatively, a hard copy can be included, folded up in the DVD case.

If schools are submitting moving image portfolio evidence on DVDs, they should send the DVDs in an A4-size addressed courier bag, supplied by NZQA.

Schools must retain copies of all moving image submissions sent in for marking.

Courier arrangements for the submission/collection date

Schools are responsible for arranging the courier pickup of their Level 3 and NZ Scholarship submissions on the nominated collection date (see below). NZQA does not supply pre-paid courier tickets for the delivery of Level 3 and NZ Scholarship material to the marking venue.

Submission/collection date requirements

All portfolios and NZ Scholarship workbooks must be uplifted on Thursday, 7 November 2019, by the courier company the school is using. It is the school's responsibility to contact the courier company if portfolios are not collected on this day.

Candidates or parents may not deliver their own portfolios. Portfolios must be submitted by the school.

2019 school submission/collection dates

Level 3: Thursday 7 November 2019

NZ Scholarship: Thursday 7 November 2019

Reconsideration process

Information about the reconsideration process for Level 3 and NZ Scholarship Visual Arts will be published on the NZQA website in January 2020.

Labelling and packaging of submissions

Placement of labels

The outside address label must show the return address for the portfolio. If the printed address is incorrect, please cover it with a sticky label and write the correct return address clearly on this.

The inside (artwork side) label must display the 5-digit serial code. The correct labels must be attached to candidate portfolios as shown below.

Label Placement

Schools must check all labelling before sending work in for assessment.

If a candidate is entered for more than one NCEA Level 3 Visual Arts standard, please ensure that the correct label is attached to the correct portfolio, and that the labels attached to the outside and inside of the portfolio are both for the same standard. As a guide, the initial number of the 5-digit serial code indicates the field:

1 = Design
2 = Painting
3 = Photography
4 = Printmaking
5 = Sculpture.

Missing/temporary labels

If a label for a Level 3 and/or NZ Scholarship candidate has not arrived, schools should first check their entry file.  If there is no entry, the school will need to refer to the instructions for Materials for late entries to produce temporary labels for these candidates' portfolios. If an entry for a candidate exists and was submitted before 1 September 2019, contact NZQA Logistics on 0800 697 296. If the candidate does not have an entry, the school will need to create one for them.

Requirements for NZ Scholarship entries

NZ Scholarship entries must include both a portfolio (portfolio board or moving image portfolio) and an A3 physical workbook. A candidate’s submission that has been entered for Level 3 can also be entered for NZ Scholarship (in the same subject field) provided it is accompanied by a workbook.

Labelling requirements for NZ Scholarship portfolio boards
Labelling requirements for NZ Scholarship portfolios are identical to the labelling requirements for Level 3 portfolios, with the addition of a large S denoting NZ Scholarship. An additional serial code label will be supplied to schools to attach to each NZ Scholarship workbook, as shown.

Label Requirements

Preparing portfolios for collection

Art bags
Art bags are not provided for Level 3 and NZ Scholarship. Schools may not use the blue Level 1 and red Level 2 bags for submitting Level 3 and NZ Scholarship portfolios.

Labelling materials

NZQA will supply schools with candidate personalised/barcoded labels and 5-digit serial code labels for attachment to Level 3 and NZ Scholarship portfolio boards and workbooks for all entries received by 1 September 2019.

If these materials have not arrived at the school by Thursday 17 October 2019, contact the Visual Arts Business Liaison Officer

Packing materials

Schools are required to supply their own packaging materials for Level 3 and NZ Scholarship submissions.

Addressing of bags for dispatch of portfolios

Packed portfolio submissions are to be addressed as follows:

New Zealand Qualifications Authority
C / - Naenae Badminton Hall
25 Vogel Street


Please refer any enquiries to:

Ruth Cameron
Visual Arts National Assessment Facilitator
Secondary Examinations
Assessment Division
04 463 4370
Cecilia Titulaer
Visual Arts Business Liaison Officer
Operations and Logistics
Assessment Division
04 463 3220
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