Health and safety in exams

Physical distancing
Te noho tawhiti

Physical distancing is standard practice in exams. As well as preventing students from seeing each other’s work, this also helps protect against the spread of COVID-19. People sitting exams should always be 1.5 metres apart.

At Alert Level 3, you will also need to stay at least 1 metre apart when entering and leaving the exam room, and 2 metres apart outdoors. School and exam staff will manage the way you come in and out of the exam room to allow for this.

Washing and drying hands
Te horoi me te whakamaroke ringa

The most effective hygiene measure to protect against COVID-19 is to wash your hands with soap and water, and properly dry them. Soap, water and the ability to dry your hands should be available in school bathrooms – if it is not, please tell school staff.

At Alert Levels 2 or 3, hand sanitiser should be available at the entry to exam rooms.

Te mau a-rai kanohi

Masks are not required to be worn in the exam – however, students and staff are able to wear a mask if they want to.

Te whakapai ruma

Your school will manage regular cleaning and disinfecting of commonly touched surfaces in exam rooms.

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