How to get involved

Get involved in a workshop near you.

Workshops are held throughout Aotearoa. If you would like to attend, contact your secondary school advisor as there may already be a workshop organised in your area. 

Otherwise please contact Lhi TeIwimate in regards to any upcoming workshops or to arrange one. Email:  ,Telephone: 0800 697 296

See how attending an NCEA & the Whānau workshop helped these rangatahi.

Download a zip. file (ZIP, 23MB) for later offline viewing.

Download an NCEA & the Whānau (DOCX, 3.2MB) pamphlet.

Read what whānau have said about the workshops:

  • "I found that I didn't understand the school system of NCEA and was too scared to ask. This was a great presentation!"
  • I normally let my wife deals with the children's education, so I feel very empowered."
  • "Early action may help my child to achieve better. We now have more information and a way to go about it."

NCEA and the Whānau resources

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