Development of Manufacturing (Core Skills) qualification


National Certificate in Manufacturing (Core Skills) (Level 2) [Ref: 1581]


Competenz has completed the development of the qualification above.


Date qualification published                                                             August 2010


The next qualification review is planned to take place during 2015.


Summary of development and consultation process


The development of this qualification was embarked on after in-depth industry stakeholder consultation including consultation with ten ITOs involved in manufacturing.  Four of these ITOs have been part of the on-going development of this new qualification.  This is an entry level qualification for people employed in manufacturing.  Manufacturing forms the basis of many different industries.


Working alongside Competenz in the development of this qualification, were the following partner ITOs:


·         Boating Industry Training Organisation

·         Forestry Industry Training and Education Council

·         NZ Motor Industry Training Organisation (Incorporated)

·         Plastics and Materials Processing Industry Training Organisation (Incorporated).


Each of the five ITOs involved in this process will be responsible for arranging training and assessment within their industry sector.


The qualification has a compulsory section which contains core manufacturing skills and basic workplace health and safety, which are common to all manufacturing industries.  Elective A allows candidates to select the manufacturing process skills relevant to their particular industry along with appropriate standards from the Competitive Manufacturing domain.  The Material Management domain is also included to allow skills in distribution in a manufacturing environment to be selectedElective B allows areas of specialisation to accommodate the range of skills that relate to specific sectors of the wider manufacturing industry.


There are also optional standards which may be used where additional support in literacy, numeracy or basic employment skills is required.


Transition Arrangements


People who are enrolled in the National Certificate in Manufacturing (Metal and Related Products) (Level 2) [Ref: 1386] may choose to transfer to the National Certificate in Manufacturing (Core Skills) (Level 2) [Ref: 1581] if this new qualification better suits their needs.