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Revision of Hospitality qualification


National Certificate in Hospitality (Entry Skills) [Ref: 1257]


The Hospitality Standards Institute has revised the qualification listed above.


Date new versions published                                                          December 2010


The next qualification review is planned to take place during 2014.


Reason for the revision


The purpose of this qualification is an entry level qualification for people entering all sectors of the hospitality industry.  However some sectors do not deal with food safety and the inclusion of standard 167 in the compulsory section had become a barrier for some sectors such as front office to completion of the qualification.  For this reason the qualification was revised and standard 167 has been removed.  Sectors of the industry which need to complete standard 167 can still choose this option from elective A.  The changes were made and endorsed by the sector advisory groups in October 2010.


Domain Core Health was designated expiring, concurrently the first aid standards that were in that domain are being replaced, and the replacement standards will be classified in the domain First Aid.  The opportunity was taken at this revision to change the domain so that candidates who achieve the first aid standards may have them recognised in the achievement of this qualification.  An exemption table for the expiring domain was also included in the qualification.


Main changes resulting from the revision


·      Standard 167 has been removed from the compulsory section.

·      Credit requirements were increased in elective A to enable candidates to select standard 167 which has been removed from the compulsory section.

·      A classification in elective B was replaced as it had been designated expiring.

·      Credit exemption table included for expiring domain.


National Certificate in Hospitality (Entry Skills) [Ref: 1257]


Changes to structure and content

·      Standard 167 was removed from the compulsory section but this standard is still available in elective A.

·      Credit requirements for elective A were increased from 25 to 29.

·      First Aid domain replaced expiring Core Health domain in elective B.

·      A credit exemption table was added for the First Aid domain, allowing for exemptions for the expiring first aid standards.




People currently working towards version 2 of this qualification may either complete the requirements of that version by 31 December 2014 or transfer to version 3.  However it is recommended that all candidates enrolled on programmes leading to version 2 of the qualification transfer to version 3.


This qualification contains a classification that replaced an earlier classification.  For the purposes of this qualification, people who have gained credit for standards in the expiring classification are exempt from the requirement to gain credit for standards in the new classification see table below.


Standards from

Are treated as Standards from

Health > Health Studies > Core Health

Health > Health Studies > First Aid


Any candidate who feels that they have been disadvantaged by these transition arrangements should contact the Hospitality Standards Institute at the address given below.


Hospitality Standards Institute

PO Box 9695

Marion Square

Wellington 6141


Telephone         04 385 9563