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Revision of Crane Operation unit standard 16617






Crane Operation



Opportunity - The Training Organisation (OTTO) has completed the revision of the unit standard listed above.


Date new versions published                                                          February 2010


Planned review date                                                                           December 2011




Feedback from industry and moderators indicated that changes were required to the unit standard to assist with its interpretation and to remove barriers to completion.  A change was required to the entry requirements as the current prerequisite was a barrier to completion for some candidates.  A range statement was added to assist with interpretation of the associated performance criteria, and a new theory performance criterion was added to provide the context for assessment of the remaining practical performance criteria.


Main changes


·      Prerequisite unit standard 3789 has been removed.

·      A range has been added to performance criteria 1.3 to indicate a list of the possible hazards that are required to be identified and dealt with.

·      Performance criterion 2.1 has been added to cover knowledge of critical components and equipment.


Impact on existing accreditations




Impact on Accreditation and Moderation Action Plan (AMAP)




Impact on registered qualifications