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Revision of Ambulance qualification


National Diploma in Ambulance Practice (Level 5) [Ref: 1408]


The ElectroTechnology Industry Training Organisation (ETITO) has revised the qualification listed above.


Date new versions published                                                          February 2010


The next qualification review is planned to take place during 2012.


Reason for the revision


Following the reviews of the Pre-Hospital Emergency Care standards and standards 6228 and 14478, a new version of the qualification was issued to include replacement and additional standards in the optional section, in order to satisfy particular industry contexts.


Main changes resulting from the revision


Expiring standards in the optional standards section were replaced and standards were added to the optional standards section of the qualification.


National Diploma in Ambulance Practice (Level 5) [Ref: 1408]


Changes to structure and content

·      Expiring standard 6228 was replaced by standard 26147, and expiring standard 14478 was replaced by standards 26017 and 26018.

·      Core Driving Knowledge and Skills standards 3462, 3465-3467, 3469, 3470, and 17677 were added as optional standards.

·      Specialist Driving Knowledge and Skills standard 20848 was added as an optional standard.

·      Agricultural Vehicles and Machinery standards 24554, 24557, and 24559 were added as optional standards.

·      Pre-Hospital Emergency Care standards 14473, 25411, and 25412 were added as optional standards.




Trainees may either complete the requirements of version 1 of the qualification or transfer to version 2.


All new trainees will be enrolled in programmes leading to version 2 of the qualification.


For the purposes of this qualification people who have gained credit for the following expiring standards are exempt from the requirement to gain credit for the standards listed below.


Credit for

Exempt from






It is not intended that anyone be disadvantaged by this revision, and the above arrangements have been designed for a smooth transition.  However, anyone who feels they have been disadvantaged may appeal to ETITO at the address below.


ElectroTechnology Industry Training Organisation (ETITO)


PO Box 24469

Royal Oak

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Telephone       09 525 2590