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Revision and Rollover of Hairdressing unit standards 13464-13469





Beauty Services




The NZ Hairdressing Industry Training Organisation Inc (HITO) has revised and rolled over the unit standards listed above.


Date new versions published                                                          January 2010


Planned review date                                                                           December 2014




The review of these unit standards is planned to take place in 2010 as part of the review of the National Certificate in Hairdressing (Management) (Level 5) with strands in Assessment of Hairdressing, Tutoring in Hairdressing, and Salon Management [Ref: 0646].


HITO has completed this revision and rollover to ensure that references and industry content in these unit standards are current and correct, pending their review.


Main changes


·      Special Notes were updated to ensure that formatting and references are current.

·      Some elements and performance criteria were amended for consistency, and to provide better assessment parameters.

·      Elements and performance criteria in unit standard 13464 were updated to reflect industry changes.

·      The range for element 1 of unit standard 13465 was updated to include a recent industry publication.

·      Special notes were removed and added as range statements below performance criterion 4.2 of unit standard 13467 and element 6 of unit standard 13468.

·      The entry information for unit standard 13468 was updated.