Field          Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries


Revision of Forestry unit standards






Forest Establishment

1232, 1234, 1237,1238

Forest Foundation Skills

17769, 22998, 23000, 23001

Forest Harvesting Operations

1262, 6921

Forest Landing Operations


Forest Mechanised Harvesting

6944, 6946, 24584

Forest Mensuration

6957, 17768

Forest Operations

6916, 17772, 24575, 24579

Forest Operations Advanced

1142, 1224, 24572

Forest Silvicultural Operations

1243, 1245, 1247, 6951, 6972, 6973, 17756, 17767

Forestry - Breaking Out

1231, 1256

Forestry Business Management


Forestry Knowledge


Machine Operations - Forestry

6927, 6932, 6936

Tree Felling

24570, 25952


The Forest Industries Training and Education Council (FITEC) has completed the revision of the unit standards listed above.


Date new versions published                                                          July 2010




As part of FITEC's annual review process, feedback from worksites, assessors, and providers who use FITEC unit standards is recorded and investigated.  Industry subject matter experts have been consulted on feedback gathered over the past year.  As a result of this feedback and consultation, FITEC has amended 40 unit standards.  The amendments have minimal impact on unit standard outcomes.  Some special notes have been standardised during the course of this revision to meet FITEC's Unit Standard Writing Guidelines.


Main changes


·      Special notes have been updated for clarity.

·      Elements, performance criteria and ranges have been amended to clarify meaning, relevance, and ensure consistency.


The Registration Criteria for National Qualifications Framework (NQF) Unit Standards have been reviewed and replaced with the Quality assurance criteria for the listing of unit standards on the Directory of Assessment Standards.  The changes made to the criteria during this review reflect the replacement of the NQF and the Register with the New Zealand Qualifications Framework (NZQF) and the Directory of Assessment Standards, the inclusion of criteria for grades, and changes to terminology and format of unit standards.  The main changes to terminology are that:


The unit standards covered by this report have been published in the new format.