Revision of Agriculture qualification


National Certificate in Agriculture (Introductory Skills) [Ref: 1433]


The Agriculture Industry Training Organisation has revised the qualification listed above.


Date new versions published                                                          June 2010


The next qualification review is planned to take place during 2013.


Reason for the revision


This revision has come as a result of feedback received regarding one standard included in this qualification.  A standard in the compulsory section was identified as a barrier to completion and was moved to the elective where it can still be selected if it is relevant to trainees.


Main changes resulting from the revision


Changes to structure and content

·      Standard 19145 was moved from the compulsory section to the elective section.

·      Total qualification credits decreased from 45 to 41-42.




All existing candidates may either complete version 1 of this qualification or transfer their existing achievements to version 2.  The start date for programmes or courses for version 2 is at the time of registration.  The last date for entry to programmes or courses for version 1 is 31 December 2011.  The last date for assessment to take place for version 1 is 31 December 2014.


It is not intended that anyone be disadvantaged by this revision.  However, anyone who feels they have been disadvantaged may appeal to the Agriculture Industry Training Organisation at the address below.


Agriculture Industry Training Organisation

PO Box 10383

The Terrace

Wellington 6143


Telephone     04 801 9616

Facsimile      04 801 9626