Review of Equine qualification


National Certificate in Equine (Racecourse Maintenance) [Ref: 0367]


The Equine Industry Training Organisation has completed the review of the qualification listed above.


Date new versions published                                                          March 2010


The next qualification review is planned to take place during 2015.


Summary of review and consultation process


The review was carried out as the qualification had reached its planned review date, and changes were required as a result of feedback from industry.


The consultation process commenced in late 2008 with meetings with Racetrack Managers of the harness and thoroughbred racing codes throughout New Zealand to discuss the qualification content, to determine if it continued to meet the needs of industry, and identify the changes required for the qualification to continue to meet industry requirements in the future.


The qualification was updated as a result of these discussions and circulated in early 2009 to all Racetrack Managers, current and past trainees, moderators, Sports Turf ITO, Agriculture ITO, and Horticulture ITO.  Further changes from feedback were incorporated and a final version was developed.  The final version was discussed and endorsed at the Racetrack Managers Conference in July 2009.  There was a delay between final endorsement and submission of the qualification for registration as three new harness racing unit standards written for the Harness Racing elective were in the evaluation and registration process.


Main changes resulting from the review


·         Strands have been added to reflect the specific requirements of the harness and thoroughbred racing sectors.

·         Standards have been removed where skills are no longer required by industry.

·         Standards have been added to reflect new skills required by industry.

·         The title has changed to reflect the new stranded structure.


National Certificate in Equine (Racecourse Maintenance) [Ref: 0367]

National Certificate in Equine (Racecourse Maintenance) (Level 3) with strands in Harness Racing, and Thoroughbred Racing [Ref: 0367]


Review category


See Key to Qualification Review Categories at the end of report


Changes to structure and content

·      Strand Harness Racing has been added and contains standards 25854, 25855, and 25856.

·      Strand Thoroughbred Racing has been added and contains standards 1152, 1611, 1613, 1614, and 22190.

·      Standards 1611, 1613, 1614, and 1152 were moved from the compulsory section to Strand Thoroughbred Racing.

·      Standards 14, 42, 497, 1153, 1156-1159, 1161, 1162, 1624, 2780, and 5059, have been removed from the compulsory section.

·      Standards 4, 1277, 1660, 17593, 21555, 21563, 21564, 22189, 23972, 24557, and 24561 have been added to the compulsory section.

·      Standard 19043 was replaced by standard 24552, and standard 5060 was substituted by standard 21564.

·      Total credits have changed from 119 to 107-108 depending on strand.




The NZ Equine ITO is unaware of any existing candidates currently enrolled on version 4.  The last date for assessments to take place is 30 April 2010.


The start date for programmes or courses for version 5 is at the date of registration.


This qualification contains standards that are replaced by or are a substitute for earlier standards.  For the purposes of this qualification, people who have gained credit for the expired standards are exempt from the requirement to gain credit for the replacement or substituted standards - see table below.


Credit for

Exempt from












It is not intended that anyone be disadvantaged by this review.  However, anyone who feels they have been disadvantaged may appeal to the Equine Industry Training Organisation at the address below.


NZ Equine Industry Training Organisation

Private Bag 17902


Auckland 1546


Telephone              0800 84 11 11




Key to Qualification Review Categories


Category A

The qualification is published as a new version with the same NQF ID

Changes are made to SSB name, contact details or purpose statement

No change is made to title, rules or components of the qualification

No transition arrangements are required

Category B

The qualification is published as a new version with the same NQF ID

Changes are made to title, rules or components

The new version of the qualification recognises a similar skill set to that recognised by the previous version

The SSB is confident that people awarded the new or previous version are comparable in terms of competence

Transition arrangements are required if candidates must gain additional/different credits for the new version

Category C

A new (replacement) qualification is published with new NQF ID

Significant changes are made to the qualification in terms of components, structure, type or level

The SSB views people with the replacement qualification as being significantly different in terms of competence from those with the replaced qualification

Transition arrangements are required

Transition may be limited to phase-out dates

Category D

Qualification will expire.

There is no replacement qualification

Qualification is no longer required by industry

The qualification is designated as expiring and a last date for meeting the qualification requirements is set