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Revision of Hospitality qualification


National Diploma in Hospitality (Business Management) (Level 5) [Ref: 0883]


The Hospitality Standards Institute has revised version 2 of the qualification listed above.  Version 2 is a superseded version of the qualification that has a last date for assessment of 31 December 2010.


Date qualification republished                                                         October 2010


The next qualification review is planned to take place during 2012.


Reason for the revision


Version 3 of the qualification replaced version 2 in December 2007.  At that time, it was envisaged that existing candidates would be able to complete their programmes and be awarded version 2 of the qualification.  However, the expiry of unit standards and the changes to the classification of management related standards have created issues for some candidates.


The qualification has therefore been amended to enable a cohort of candidates to complete the requirements of version 2 of the qualification.  The candidates in question were assessed against Unit 23397, Plan and monitor performance of others, in the People Development and Coordination domain.  The outcomes of this standard are acceptable to the ITO as an alternative to Unit 19027, Develop job description and conduct performance appraisal in a business operation, which was in the First Line Management domain and expired in December 2009.


Main changes resulting from the revision of the qualification


A credit exemption table was added, allowing for exemptions from standards in version 2 of the qualification.


Changes to structure and content

·         Credit exemption table included for expiring classification.


Transition for the qualification


Version 2 of the qualification contains the expiring First Line Management domain.  For the purposes of this qualification, people who have gained credit for the standards in the new People Development and Coordination domain are exempt from the requirement to gain credit for the standards in the expiring classification see table below.


Standards from

Are treated as Standards from

Business > Business Operations and Development > People Development and Coordination

Business> Management> First Line Management


No candidate will be disadvantaged by the changes made to the qualification.