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Revision and rollover of Seafood Generic unit standards 20935, 23651 and 23836






Seafood Generic

20935, 23651, 23836


The Seafood ITO has completed the revision of unit standards 20935 and 23836; and the rollover of unit standard 23651.


Date new versions published                                                          September 2010


Planned review date



December 2012 (unchanged)


December 2013 (unchanged)


December 2015


Summary of revision and consultation process


Unit standards 20935 and 23836 were revised to ensure that they continue to meet industry requirements and enable consistent assessment.  The final versions were then endorsed by the Seafood Vessels Operations Technical Advisory Group.


Unit standard 23651 was rolled over to extend its planned review date to December 2015.


Main changes resulting from the revision and rollover


·           Evidence requirements and range statements of unit standards 20935 and 23836 were updated for accuracy and consistency with the outcomes of the unit standards.

·           The planned review date of unit standard 23651 was extended to December 2015.