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Update for qualifications specifying replaced First Aid standards or the Core Health domain





Health Studies

Core Health



The New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) has introduced reverse transition for the qualifications that include the standards or domain listed above.


Date this report published                                                                April 2011


The qualifications documents were not republished.  Exemptions have been applied in the NZQA qualifications database, but for logistical reasons will not appear on the qualification documents published on the NZQA website.


Summary of review and consultation process


Between October and December 2010, National Qualifications Services (NQS) conducted consultation with Standard Setting Bodies (SSBs) affected by the review of NQS Core Health First Aid unit standards.  It was proposed that all qualifications specifying expiring standards 6400‑6402 should have reverse transition included for the replacement standards 26551 and 26552, and that qualifications specifying the lapsing domain Core Health should have reverse transition included for the new First Aid domain.


Those SSBs that agreed to the proposal have had applicable reverse transition included in the affected qualifications.


The review of the First Aid unit standards was completed in December 2010.  For a copy of the unit standard review report please see First Aid Review.


Main changes resulting from the review


The following reverse transition for standards was included in affected qualifications where applicable:


Credit for

Exempt from

26551, 26552







The following reverse transition for classifications was included in affected qualifications where applicable:


Standards from

Are treated as Standards from

Health > Health Studies > First Aid

Health > Health Studies > Core Health


Please note, only credits from the lapsing Core Health domain in the Health Studies subfield may be used for the classification exemption (not credits from the newly registered Core Health domain in the Health, Disability, and Aged Support subfield).


Standard Setting Bodies


The SSB's listed below agreed to proposed exemption plan.  Those SSB's that did not agree must revise or review their affected qualifications before 31 December 2013 (the expiry date of the replaced standards).


Apparel and Textile Industry Training Organisation

Aviation, Tourism and Travel Training Organisation

Building and Construction Industry Training Organisation

Building Service Contractors Industry Training Organisation


Creative Trades Industry Training Organisation

Electricity Supply Industry Training Organisation

ElectroTechnology Industry Training Organisation

Fire and Rescue Services Industry Training Organisation

Forest Industries Training and Education Council

Hospitality Standards Institute

InfraTrain New Zealand

Joinery Industry Training Organisation

Learning State

Local Government Industry Training Organisation

Marine Industry Training Organisation

New Zealand Industry Training Organisation

NZ Equine Industry Training Organisation

NZ Extractive Industries Training Organisation

NZ Hairdressing Industry Training Organisation Inc

NZ Motor Industry Training Organisation

NZQA Maori Qualifications Services

Opportunity - The Training Organisation

Plastics and Materials Processing Industry Training Organisation

Plumbing, Gasfitting and Drainlaying Industry Training Organisation

Retail Industry Training Organisation

Skills Active Aotearoa

Social Services Industry Training Organisation - Te Kaiawhina Ahumahi

Tranzqual ITO