CMR for Hospitality [Ref: 0112]


Revision of Hospitality Standards Institute CMR


The Hospitality Standards Institute has completed the revision of the Consent and Moderation Requirements (CMR) above.


Date new version published                                                             August 2011


The next CMR review is planned to take place during 2012.


Summary of revision


This revision is the result of independent consultation with stakeholders in 2010.  It resulted in changes to the Moderation System, making the process clearer and more flexible to meet stakeholders' needs.  Stakeholders consulted included training providers, industry representatives, assessors, and sector advisors.


Compliance with new requirements


Moderation system requirements will apply with effect from September 2011.


Organisations with consent to assess will be expected to be able to demonstrate compliance with the CMR from February 2012 onwards.


Main changes


Requirements for Consent to Assess (RCA)




Moderation Requirements (MR)


Moderation System

·         The Moderation System was reworded to make requirements clearer and to add timeframes.

·         The requirement for organisations with consent to assess to return an annual Assessment Intention Plan was removed.

·         The requirement for organisations who have recently gained consent to assess against unit standards covered by this CMR to advise HSI as to when assessment will commence was amended.  It was extended to include all organisations with consent to assess, who must advise HSI in writing one month in advance if assessing against unit standards in any domains they have not assessed against in the previous 12 months.

·         The pre-assessment moderation criteria table was removed.  All submissions for pre‑assessment moderation must now be accompanied by a coversheet and checklist (available from the HSI website).

·         Post-assessment moderation requirements were updated to include postal moderation options and moderation visit options.

·         Postal moderation charges for non-attendees at regional cluster group moderation workshops were removed.

·         Additional information relating to post-assessment moderation visits was provided to make requirements clearer.



·         Requirements were updated to reflect current practice.



·         The rate charged for use of a private or company vehicle was updated to current published Inland Revenue rates.


Non-compliance with moderation requirements

·         The rate charged for use of a private or company vehicle was updated to current published Inland Revenue rates.