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Revision of Distribution qualification


National Certificate in Distribution (Level 4) [Ref: 0992]


The Retail Institute has revised the qualification listed above.


Date new versions published                                                          January 2011


The next qualification review is planned to take place during 2011.


Reason for the revision


This qualification has been revised in order to move standard 11969, Maintain and integrate knowledge of legislation applicable in a retail or distribution environment, from the compulsory to the elective requirements.  The knowledge and application of legislation required by this standard is too detailed and wide ranging for some distribution workplaces and has proven to be a barrier to completion for trainees currently enrolled in the qualification.


This revision also takes account of standard reviews carried out by the Retail Institute and by other standard setting bodies since the qualification was last updated.  These include reviews in the domains of People Development and Coordination, Delivery of Adult Education and Training, Assessment of Learning, Retail and Distribution Management and Core Health.


Main changes resulting from the revision


Changes to structure and content

·      Expiring standard 7452 replaced by standard 25463 in the compulsory section.

·      Expiring standard 6400 replaced by standards 26551 and 26552 in the elective section.

·      Standard 11969 moved from the compulsory to the elective section, reducing the compulsory credits from 48 to 44, and the overall credits required for the qualification from 86 to 82.

·      Titles of standards 334, 7108, 7114, 11552, 11965, 11995 and 11976 updated.

·      Credits of standards 334, 4098 and 11552 updated.

·      Reverse transition arrangements added for candidates seeking to complete version 3.




People currently working towards version 3 of this qualification may either complete the requirements for that version or transfer their results to version 4.




For the purposes of version 4 of this qualification, people who have gained credit for the expiring standards are exempt from the requirement to gain credit for the replacement standards - see table below.


Credit for

Exempt from


26551 and 26552




NZQF Reverse Transition


Version 3 of this qualification contained standards that have been expired or replaced by other standards.  Candidates are advised to complete their assessments by the dates indicated below or complete the replacement standards to finish version 3 of the qualification.


Credit for

Exempt from


7452 (expires December 2011)

26551, 26552

6400 (expires December 2013)




The Retail Institute intends that no existing candidate be disadvantaged by this revision.  However, any candidate who feels that they have been disadvantaged by these transition arrangements should contact the Retail Institute.


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