Revision of Greyhound Care and Training qualification


National Certificate in Greyhound Care and Training (Kennel Hand) (Level 3) [Ref: 1477]


The Equine ITO has revised the qualification listed above.


Date new version published                                                             January 2011


The next qualification review is planned to take place during 2013.


Reason for the revision


The qualification was revised to correct an error in the qualification content.  Unit 1297, Interview in a formal situation (Level 4, Credit 5) was incorrectly included in version 1 of the qualification instead of Unit 1294, Be interviewed in a formal situation (Level 2, Credit 2).


Main changes resulting from the revision


Changes to structure and content

·         Standard 1297 was removed from the qualification.

·         Standard 1294 was added to the qualification.

·         Total qualification credits decreased from 76 to 73.

·         Titles of standards 112, 548 and 12355 were updated to reflect changes made at review.




All existing candidates will transfer to the new version of the qualification.  All new candidates will be enrolled in programmes leading to the new version of the qualification.


The last date for assessment to take place for version 1 is 28 February 2011.


It is not intended that anyone be disadvantaged by this revision.  However, anyone who feels they have been disadvantaged may appeal to the Equine Industry Training Organisation at the address below.


Equine ITO

Private Bag 17902


Auckland 1546


Telephone        0800 84 11 11