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Revision of Crane Operation qualification


National Certificate in Crane Operation with strands in Mobile Crane, Overhead Crane, Tower Crane, and Crawler Crane [Ref: 0116]


Opportunity - The Training Organisation has revised the qualification above.


Date new version published                                                             March 2011


The next qualification review is planned to take place during 2013.


Reason for the revision


The qualification was revised as standard 3790, in the compulsory section of the Overhead Crane strand, was a barrier to completion as some candidates did not have access to a cab controlled overhead crane.


Main changes resulting from the revision


Changes to structure and content

·      The Overhead Crane strand now consists of a Compulsory and an Elective section.

·      Standard 3790 from the Compulsory section was moved, and standard 3800 was added, to the new Elective section.

·      Standards 6400, 6401, and 6402 were removed from the qualification as they were no longer required.

·      The credit total for the qualification was updated from 71-88 to 65-84.




Candidates may either complete version 4 of the qualification or transfer to version 5.


Training programmes or courses leading to the award of version 5 of this qualification may start as soon as the qualification is registered.


The last date for entry to version 4 is 30 June 2011.


The last date for assessments to take place for version 4 is 31 December 2012.


It is not intended that anyone be disadvantaged by this revision.  However, anyone who feels they have been disadvantaged may appeal to the Opportunity - The Training Organisation at the address below.


Opportunity - The Training Organisation

PO Box 30074

Lower Hutt 5040


Telephone              04 569 9799