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Review of Chemistry Level 1 achievement standard AS90933 (Chemistry 1.4)


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Chemistry 1.4


The Ministry of Education has completed an early review of the achievement standard listed above.


New Registration date                           November 2011


Date new versions published             November 2011


Planned review date                              December 2014


Summary of review and consultation process


NZQA's National Assessment Facilitator requested that AS90933 (Chemistry 1.4) be amended to include nitrogen and sulfur dioxide in Explanatory Note (EN) 5.


The opportunity was also taken to add K and I to the list of selected elements in EN 6.  The rationale for this was to allow trends to be discussed down a group with respect to reactivity.  Two elements down a group do not represent a trend, whereas three elements do.  Adding these two elements will help the examination setting team to produce a variety of questions over several years.


Standards Writing Group members were consulted about, and endorsed, the changes.


Main changes resulting from the review (highlighted in blue)


·         EN 5 was amended as follows.

Aspects of elements will be selected from:

·        atomic structure and the organisation of the periodic table (a periodic table will be provided)

-      electron arrangement (limited to the first 20 elements)

-      trend down a group (similarity of reaction, reactivity)

-      trend across a period (position of metals and non-metals).


·        properties of metals, their reactivity and uses:

-      activity series

-      alloys.


·        properties and uses of non-metals and selected compounds:

-      sulfur, aqueous chlorine, allotropes of carbon and oxygen (ozone), nitrogen

-      selected compounds include - sulfuric acid, ammonia, sulfur dioxide.


·         EN 6 was amended as follows.

Selected elements are limited to - K, Na, Li, Mg, Ca, Al, Cu, Fe, Zn, Pb, Ag, C, N, O, S, Cl, Br, I.


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Demonstrate understanding of aspects of selected elements [Externally Assessed]