CMR for Māori Performing Arts [Ref: 0149]


Revision of Māori Qualifications Services CMR


NZQA Māori Qualifications Services has completed the revision of the Consent and Moderation Requirements (CMR) above.


Date new version published                                                             November 2011


The next CMR review is planned to take place during 2012.


Summary of revision


The CMR was revised to:

·         reflect the change in classification for Mau Rākau from a domain to a subfield;

·         ensure that the unit standards in the new Te Mau Rākau, Te Parawhakawai, and Te Rangatiratanga Mau Rākau domains (in the Mau Rākau subfield) are designated Base Scope of Assessment of Standards (BSAS) at Levels 1 to 3; and

·         clarify industry or sector-specific requirements for consent to assess.


Compliance with new requirements


Requirements for consent to assess will apply with effect from December 2011.


Organisations with consent to assess will be expected to be able to demonstrate compliance with the CMR from May 2012 onwards.


Main changes


Requirements for Consent to Assess (RCA)


Standard Setting Body involvement in process for granting consent to assess

·         No change to SSB involvement, however unit standards reclassified or listed in the new domains from the new Māu Rākau subfield were designated BSAS at Levels 1 to 3.


Visit waiver conditions

·         Updated to include visit waiver conditions where an application for consent to assess has been developed in consultation with, and is supported by, the relevant whakaruruhau.


Industry or sector-specific requirements for consent to assess

·         Criterion 1 was amended to ensure teaching programmes are relevant, structured and purposeful; include Māori pedagogies; are supported by local whānau and hapū; and that those engaged in the development and evaluation of teaching programmes include Māori with expertise in Māori Performing Arts and/or Mau Rākau.

·         Criterion 3 was amended to specify qualification and experience requirements for tutors and tohunga mau rākau.

·         Criterion 5 was amended to ensure support for students is respectful, effective, and culturally appropriate, as well as being available in te reo Māori and English.

·         Criterion 7 was amended to ensure local whānau and hapū tikanga and kawa are taken account of in assessment; and that tohunga mau rākau assessing candidates against Mau Rākau unit standards do so in accordance with iwi or hapū variation iwi.