FIELD                 Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries


Revision of Agriculture qualification


National Certificate in Agriculture (Production Management) with strands in Arable Farming, Cattle Farming, Dairy Farming, Deer Farming, and Sheep Farming [Ref: 1188]


The Agriculture Industry Training Organisation has revised the qualification listed above.


Date new version published                                                             November 2011


The next qualification review is planned to take place during 2012.


Reason for the revision


The qualification was revised to replace expiring standards in order to remove barriers to completion of the qualification.


Main changes resulting from the revision


Expiring standards have been replaced or removed and the details of reviewed standards were also updated.




Version 2 was issued following a revision to replace expiring standards and also to update the details of reviewed standards.


Changes to structure and content

·      overall qualification credit total changed from 70-75 credits to 72-88 credits;

·      the information in the credit range table was updated and the level of the Cattle Farming, Dairy Farming, and Sheep Farming strands changed from 4 to 5;

·      standard titles, levels, and credits were updated;

·      expiring standards 19068, 19069, and 21559 were removed from the qualification as they were designated expiring without replacement;

·      expiring standard 19156 was replaced by standards 25375 and 25923;

·      expiring standard 19158 was replaced by standard 25829;

·      expiring standard 19160 was replaced by standards 25382, 25383, 25384, and 25385;

·      expiring standard 19169 was replaced by standards 25378 and 25379;

·      expiring standard 19077 was replaced by standards 25922 and 25375.


This qualification contains standards that replace or are substitutes for earlier standards.  For the purposes of this qualification people who have gained credit for the earlier standards are exempt from the requirement to gain credit for the replacement or substitute standards - see table below.


Credit for

Exempt from








25375, 25922




25375, 25923




25382, 25383, 25384, 25385


25378, 25379


People working towards version 1 of this qualification may complete that version before 31 December 2012 or transfer their results to version 2.  People who wish to complete version 1 should note that standards 19077, 19156, 19158, 19160, and 19169 will expire on 31 December 2011 and that assessment against these standards must take place before this date.


All new learners will be enrolled in programmes or courses leading to the award of

version 2.


The Agriculture Industry Training Organisation intends that no existing candidate is disadvantaged by this review.  Any person who feels disadvantaged by the transition should contact the ITO at the address below.


Agriculture Industry Training Organisation

PO Box 10383

The Terrace

Wellington 6143


Telephone              04 801 9616

Fax                          04 801 9626