CMR for Retail, Distribution, and Sales [Ref: 0225]


Revision of Retail Institute CMR


The Retail Institute has completed the revision of the Consent and Moderation Requirements (CMR) above.


Date new version published                                                             September 2011


The next CMR review is planned to take place during 2014.


Reason for the revision


It was decided to discontinue the requirement for pre-assessment moderation of self-developed assessment materials in order to increase efficiency for both organisations with consent to assess and the Retail Institute.  Instead, any concerns arising with assessment materials will be addressed through post-assessment moderation, as part of the Retail Institute’s national external moderation system.


The Retail Institute conducted a trial during December 2010 when no pre-assessment moderation was offered and no organisations with consent to assess appear to have been disadvantaged by the non-availability of this service.


The CMR has been updated to the new template and uses the new terminology.  No other changes have been made to the requirements.


Compliance with new requirements


Moderation system requirements will apply with effect from September 2011.


Organisations with consent to assess will be expected to be able to demonstrate compliance with CMR requirements from March 2012 onwards.


Main changes resulting from the revision


Moderation Requirements (MR)


Moderation System


·         The Retail Institute has discontinued the requirement for pre-assessment moderation of self-developed assessment materials.  The requirement has been removed as a result of the implementation of a more robust customer relationship management system (ITOMIC) and changes in focus for post-assessment moderation.